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Special events are held in the Park for our Community children. Ruth Ann Thuman has been heading up this task for years. She hosts our annual Easter, Halloween and Christmas parties among other events.

If you would like to volunteer and help Ruth Ann with the special events in our community please give her a call. She is always looking for assistance with the events and food donations such as cookies, cup cakes and drinks.

Otherwise bring your children to one of her parties and memories will be had by all. Who could ever forget the pink Easter Bunny?

Ruth Ann Thuman
Events Committee Chair


Following are the winners of the 2009 Halloween Parade:

Sonny Via

Gage Muller

Ashley Hackmann

Gage Single

Dale Derflinger

Matthew Brown

Emily Barrett

Ryan Brown

Danielle Aschenbach

Hannah Fox


Thank You Ruth Ann for organizing the big event Very nice & the kids had a good time!



Additional pictures from RCIA events can be found in the Photo Gallery.

Committee Members
Ruth Ann Thuman, Chair

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