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Reminder: Elections are coming!!
Put the right people in the right places. RCIA Bylaws state that the current Officers of the Board are up for elections in November.

Submit your nomination in person at the October General Membership Meeting or via email at nominatingchair@riviera-beach-md.org. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor at the November General Meeting. Nominations will be posted here on the website as they are received. So start nominating!!! If you have any questions please contact Jerry Jeffers at 410-255-8425.

The nominations are as follows:

Suzanne Mauro
Brett Scheibe
Mike Maguire

Vice President
Jeff Brewis
Jerry Jeffers
L J Bell

Bill Buckman

Karen Leimbach
Tim Rye

Jerry Jeffers
Nominating Chair, RCIA

Contact all the members of the Nominating Committee by sending an email to NominatingCommittee@riviera-beach-md.org.

Volunteers Needed
The Nominating Committee is looking for volunteers. There are two positions available on this Committee. Please call Jerry Jeffers for details.

Committee Members
Jerry Jeffers, Chair

ByLaw Information
A nominating committee consists of three (3) Association members in good standing and shall be appointed by the President at the beginning of his/her term. The Nominating Committee shall submit a complete slate of Officers and Board Members at the September meeting in the year of elections. These candidates are to be considered and voted on at the time of election in November. Any member in good standing may nominate a candidate for any elective office at the September or October meetings. No nominations will be accepted from the floor, by petition or in any other manner, at the November meeting. The general meeting in October shall be the closing date for receiving nominations for elective of offices.

The Board of Governors shall be elected as provided in Article V. The Officers shall be elected singly in the order of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors.

The Board of Governors are elected to a 3-year term following the election of Officers in November. All nominees shall be voted on one (1) ballot, the eligible voters writing the names of their nominees on the ballot. Those receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. In the event of a vacancy in the board membership, the President shall request a replacement at the next general meeting to fill the full balance of the unexpired term. If more than one (1) volunteer comes forward to fill the vacancy, an immediate vote of the membership will determine the member to fill the vacancy.

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