Riviera Beach, Maryland
"Where Bay, River and Creek Meet"

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Riviera Beach History

Interested in learning about the history of Riviera Beach?  Most of the information and documents below were provided by long time residents of the community.

The following aerial photos have been provided by Ruth Ann Thuman. She has been told they are from 1927. Her copies are photographed from framed originals in an unknown real estate office. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the originals? If so please send an mail to webmaster.

Rock Creek Area, ca. 1927


Stoney Creek Area, ca. 1927


Rock Creek Area, ca. 1927

Screen Size

Stoney Creek Area, ca. 1927

Screen Size


1920's est.


Riviera Beach Development Company model home flyer
Donald Sparklin of Riviera Beach provided copies of the Riviera Beach Development Company's model home flyers. There were three model homes offered with this flyer; "The Riviera", "The Chesapeake" and "Suits Us". The flyer read Riviera Beach is the Spot, "Maryland's Master Waterfront".

1927 est.


Riviera Beach Development Company's Baltimore Sun ad
Along with the model home flyer, Donald Sparklin provided a copy of an ad that supposedly ran in the Baltimore Sun in 1927.

May 1940


The Green Haven Hash - May 1940
A copy of "The Green Haven Hash" published in May 1940. This 8-page publication covered everything from overcrowding at Jacobsville school,  a proposed county zoning and planning bill to a section called Between Neighbors which features interesting tidbits about local residents.


The Riviera Athletic Association Benefit Dance
The Riviera Athletic Association Benefit Dance flyer was published in 1946. This 27-page publication contained Riviera News and several ads from local businesses including one from The Riviera Beach Development Company coining the phrase "Where Bay, River and Creek Meet".



"Discovering Our School Community"
Grade 5,
Riviera Beach School
This 27-page comprehensive report was created by the 5th Grade at Riviera Beach School in Pasadena, Md in 1955 and 1956. Geography, History of The Beach, Population, Housing, Community Services, Religion, Educational Opportunities and Clubs were some of the topics covered to name a few. This is a very interesting read which also reveals the mind-set of yesteryear.

The following are miscellaneous photos and postcards.

Postcard from the 1920's with a Christmas Craft Speedboat Postcard from the 1920's
Riviera Beach Football Team, late 1940's.

In the center back row is Wayne McDonald (information provided by Glenn Johnson).

A gathering at the Park, 1940's

The person in the center front row is Milton Weeden (information provided by Glenn Johnson)


Stoney Creek Bridge November 19, 1946 Line-up of the two Riviera Beach football teams in the late 1940's.



Do you have anything you can contribute?
It could be documents, articles, photos or even your own recollections or stories. If so, send an email to webmaster. We can scan your documents and return everything back to you. Please share your memories with everyone who lives in "The Beach".

We will try to be as accurate as possible regarding the information and dates. If you find any discrepancies in the information or documents posted, please send an email to webmaster. Thank you.

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