Riviera Beach, Maryland

Meetings are at 7pm the 1st Tuesday of every month in the basement of Jenkins Memorial Church


Where Bay, River & Creek Meet

RCIA Committees

This page contains information for all the committees in RCIA.  Please visit the Committee Webpage for more information or to email the Committee Chair.


Boat Ramp Rules

Boat Ramp KeyApplication

Boat Ramp Committee

The Boat Ramp Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the area, distribution of keys and stickers, verification of residency, security patrol, pier maintenance of both Pat's pier (the fishing pier) and the boat ramp pier and overall general upkeep. They shall report to the Board of Directors any improprieties, upcoming maintenance costs and general updates.

Boat Ramp Keys are changed yearly on or about January 1st. Leave a message at 443-305-9388   

Please remember to lock the gate after each use. Also sharing of keys is against the rules.  Anyone caught sharing a key or parking/using the ramp without an authorized key/stickers is subject to having their vehicle/trailer towed. Use of the ramp by non-residents & those who have not paid, is unfair to those who have and hurts our community as a whole as Riverbea uses the money collected to to pay for grass cutting, electricity, etc.  ALL VEHICLES AND TRAILERSWITH OUT CURRENT STICKERS WILL BE TOWED AT OWNERS EXPENSETO NCR TOWING 8191 RITCHIE HWY PASADENA MD 21122


Bylaw Committee
The Bylaw Committee reviews the language and structure of proposed amendments to the bylaws and assures that substantial review of the content of such proposed amendments is made by other appropriate committees or officers.The ByLaw Committee should regularly review the bylaws and recommend appropriate amendments to the Board of Directors.

Vacant - We are currently in need of a new Bylaws Committee




Erosion Advisory Committee
The Erosion Committee shall review and prepare recommendations to the membership on issues related to the Erosion Control budget. They shall solicit and evaluate input from Erosion District Property Owners, prepare the budget, identify and prioritize projects, obtain bids and administer cash-flow, permits and projects acceptance.

Pete Leimbach



Events Committee
The Events Committee is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, obtaining food donations and creation of children's games for all of holiday parties. The holiday parties consist of Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Ruth Ann Thuman




Finance Committee
The Finance Committee shall approve all expenditures of the Association except routine operating expenditures not exceeding $50.00 at any one time and report to membership at the next regular meeting. All expenditures over $500.00 must have (3) written estimates and presented to the Board of Directors.


Bill Squires




Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee will be responsible publishing the newsletter no less than four times a year. They will solicit advertisements to offset some of the costs. 


Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall submit a complete slate of officers and board members at the September meeting in the year of the elections. These candidates are to be considered and voted on at the time of election in November.



Park & Zoning Committee
The Park & Zoning Committee
shall be responsible for general maintenance of the Park area, overall general upkeep. They shall report to the Board of Directors any improprieties, upcoming maintenance costs and general updates.


Sample Playground

Playground Committee
Riviera Community Improvement Association along with its members is working together to establish a playground facility that will provide a safe, fun experience and promote an active lifestyle for all children. Our mission strives to improve the quality of life for our children by allowing them to develop physically, mentally and socially. It will create a picturesque atmosphere, be a focus of community pride and stimulate the local real estate market in the community.

We are currently looking for a new Chair for the Playground Committee. If you are interested, please contact Jeff Brewis