Riviera Beach, Maryland

Meetings are at 7pm the 1st Tuesday of every month in the basement of Jenkins Memorial Church


Where Bay, River & Creek Meet

Community Reminders

    • Please Don't Feed the Geese - At the last RCIA Community Meeting a resident described a situation where another resident was feeding geese/ducks and it sounded like it was causing a big mess. This is a well documented problem that affects health and safety in many places in Maryland, as well as other states. The info below is taken from the Maryland DNR website. 
    BOTTOM LINE: Feeding waterfowl is highly discouraged! Please be considerate of your neighbors.

    To prevent such conduct that may attract and concentrate migratory and domestic waterfowl to properties it has been determined that the presence of large numbers of waterfowl cause a public health nuisance by contaminating drinking water supplies, beaches, swimming facilities, etc. 
    Migratory Waterfowl--ducks, geese, and swans native to North America. 
    Domestic Waterfowl--Non-native ducks, geese, and swans not retained in agricultural operations. 
    Feed or Feeding--The act of or the furnishing of food or other sustenance which is essential for growth or maintenance of waterfowl. 
    Prohibition of Feeding
    No person shall feed, cause to be fed or provide food for domestic or migratory waterfowl in lands, either privately or publicly owned. 
    No person shall create or foster any condition, or allow any condition to exist or continue, which results in a congregation or congestion of domestic or migratory waterfowl.
    The Police Department and members of the Department of Health/Parks and Recreation are hereby authorized and directed to enforce this Ordinance. 
    Violations and Penalties
    Persons found to be violating any provisions of this Ordinance shall be first Given a written warning, which shall be filed with the appropriate government agency. Any subsequent violations of the Ordinance shall be punishable by imposition of a fine not to exceed $.

    • Speeding - Speed limits are posted and we encourage all to drive slowly on our roads as we have many pedestrians, bicyclists, children, and pets throughout our community.

    • Off-Road Vehicles -  it is illegal to ride off-road vehicles on county roads and community property.  Residents, RCIA & Riverbea are working with local authorities to take action against violators

    • Pets -  Please keep our furry friends safe and welcome by practicing good pet ownership. Pets are not allowed to run loose in AA County. These rules are part of County Animal Control Regulations.  In addition, pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets immediately.  Pet droppings that are left in common areas, neighbor's lawns, as well as your own back yard create an unhealthy and unsanitary environment. Animal droppings or food left out for stray animals will cause a problem in our community by inviting other vermin.  Lastly, pet owners should not allow their pets to relieve themselves on other owner's lawns/flower beds. In addition to trespassing, this is not a neighborly practice. Annoying, continuous barking dog and pet violations should be reported to County Animal Control at 410-222-8900 or Health Department at 410-222-7279. To read more about Anne Arundel County Animal Control Laws and Services, please go to their website www.aacounty.org/Animal Control.

    • Don't be left in the dark - If you notice a street light out, notify BGE directly at 1-800--685-0123 or use BGE's online reporting form    Please provide the exact location and if possible, the pole number (which is located near the top of the pole). If you would like to request a new street light or an upgrade to an existing street light, please contact the Traffic Engineering Division at (410) 222-7331 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.mail

    • Safety -  To keep our neighborhood safe everybody needs to be aware and alert and willing to report suspicious activity. Don't Hesitate to Call 911!

    • Leave No Trace - Please be considerate of your neighbors and help keep our community clean and beautiful. Pick up any litter that you see in/and around your property or on community space.

    • Got Junk? If you have large items that you wish to dispose of, call the free Anne Arundel County bulk pick-up service, on 410-222-6100.
    • Cigarette Butts  - You may think you are doing a safe, good thing putting out your cigarettes on the street or in the sand, but that is NOT the case. Cigarette filters are not biodegradable. In fact, they are toxic. When cigarette butts are on the street or in the sand they find their way into our waterways and into the Bay. There, the chemicals the filter trapped leach out into the water harming the environment. Further, some bigger critters may mistake the filters for food and ingest them... with dire consequences. One cigarette butt may not seem like much but there are TRILLIONS of them carelessly discarded every year. Small amounts of chemicals add upMore information.
    • Political Signs - Please remember to take down political signs once elections are over. 
    • Tree limbs - Tree limbs growing into power lines can cause power outages.  Keep and eye out for tree limbs and contact BGE for trimming.  1-800-685-0123

    • Untagged Vehicles - Anne Arundel county code states that it is illegal to have untagged and junk vehicles of any kind on our property. If you have or know of an untagged vehicle please contact www.aacounty.org or 410-222-6100 for ways to have them removed at little or no cost to you and get a possible tax deduction.
    • No Parking - No parking signs are posted at various locations in the community. Please take note of them and do not park your vehicle in those areas at any time

    Ways to protect the environment: