Riviera Beach, Maryland

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - If you do not find your question here, please send it to: webmaster@riviera-beach-md.org and we'll make sure it gets added.  You can also raise your questions for discussion at the monthly Community Association Meetings

    1. How can I get a key to the Boat Ramp?  Riverbea Corp. maintains the boat ramp. Leave a message at 443-305-9388   Boat ramp email: rivierabeachboatramp@yahoo.com More information on the boat ramp can be found HERE
    2. I live in Rock Creek Estates.  Can I get a key to the boat ramp?  Yes!! 
    3. The grass in the parks and community property is getting too high. Who do I call?  Riverbea Corp maintains the community property.  You can contact them at theriverbeacorp@verizon.net  You may also want to contact Anne Arundel County to file a complaint www.aacounty.org/OnLineForms/ContactAACO.cfm
    4. The cars on my road are speeding and I would like to have speed bumps installed?  Information can be found at this link: www.aacounty.org/DPW/Highways/NeighTrafControl.cfm  Click on the link that says Neighborhood traffic control guidelines.  
    5. I would like to have an event at the community park.  Who do I contact? Riverbea Corp maintains the community property.  You can contact them at theriverbeacorp@verizon.net 
    6. How can I find out what events are going on in the community, meetings etc?  Events are posted on the community facebook page. You don't need a facebook account to view it 
    7. Can we use the Erosion Fund for other projects not related to Erosion and if not, why? The shore erosion control funds can only be used for shore erosion control projects because of State & County law.  These are special tax assessments for a particular purpose. (See Article 4, Title 7, Subtitle 3 of the County Code as well as Article 25, Sections 161, et seq., and Natural Resources Article, Sections 8-1001, et seq. of the Maryland Code.)
    8. We are currently paying .04% in Erosion Taxes.  Is it possible (if we get the Community to agree) to reduce that to .02% and start a Special Tax Distric that would tax .02% totaling .04%? The tax rate for a district is set pursuant to Section 4-7-304 of the County Code in conjunction  with each district's budge.  If the district has a loan to repay, the rate is calculated based on the amount needed in a particular year to repay the loan for a project.  The rate can be change if there is no outstanding loan.
    9. If Riviera Beach wants to become part of a Special Tax District, what percentage of residents do we need to agree? 51% 
    10.   Is it true that everyone that some may consider IN Riviera Beach, do not pay into the Erosion fund?  That is a product of the district’s creation under State Law.  As the memo attached indicates, the properties that were not platted at the time of creation of the district do not pay the tax.  On the 2nd page the language states that Lakeview is contiguous to the rest of Riviera Beach, it is no way part of the Riviera Beach Erosion District.  School Gardens is not a waterfront community and was not part of Riviera Beach at the time of the original levying of the erosion taxes, it is neither a waterfront subdivision nor a part of Riviera Beach and therefore is not subject to erosion control taxes.  The only way to solve that problem is to have the district petition to modify the boundaries of the district.  The modification would require assent of 75% of the properties being added and 75% of the properties in the existing district.