Riviera Beach, Maryland

Meetings are at 7pm the 1st Tuesday of every month in the basement of Jenkins Memorial Church


Where Bay, River & Creek Meet

Minutes from Meetings

Joint RCIA & Riverbea Community Meetings are held in the basement of Jenkins Memorial Church the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm


Erosion Committee Meetings are held the Monday before the Community Meetings at the Rivera Beach Volunteer Firehouse @ 7:00pm.  All are encouraged to attend.  Please contact Peter Leimbach (chairman of the erosion committee) on 410-255-4399 if you have questions.

Riverbea Meeting Minutes

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Document10/06/2015 Riverbea Meeting Minutes10/06/2015 Riverbea Meeting Minutes
Document12/1/15 Riverbea Meeting Minutes12/1/15 Riverbea Meeting Minutes
Document1/5/16 Riverbea Meeting Minutes1/5/16 Riverbea Meeting Minutes
Document2/5/2016 Riverbea Meeting Minutes2/5/2016 Riverbea Meeting Minutes
Document4/5/2016 Riverbea Meeting Minutes4/5/2016 Riverbea Meeting Minutes

RCIA Meeting Minutes