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Riviera Community Improvement Association (RCIA) is a voluntary organization open to property owners and residents in Riviera Beach. It derives its finances primarily from membership dues, and to a lesser degree from other activities such as carnival proceeds and boat ramp fees (keys). It receives no funding directly or indirectly from tax revenue or any other obligatory fees.

RCIA serves as a caretaker organization for the community property deeded to Riverbea. However, RCIA has no authority beyond how its own money is spent for the betterment of the community. Its board members and officers receive no monetary compensation.

In this respect RCIA represents only its members and the will of its members.

RCIA members can participate in RCIA's general meetings and can vote on how the organization's funds are spent, appointment of board members and other activities initiated by the organization. Non-RCIA members do not have this right.

However, RCIA also handles some issues that concern all property owners in Riviera Beach, primarily the Shore Erosion Budget. At meetings concerning these issues all property owners in Riviera Beach can participate and vote. RCIA then simply serves as the facilitator of these meetings, and has to make arrangements that all property owners are notified, typically through a community-wide mailing.

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RCIA Bylaws

Here are the RCIA Bylaws. This is based on a scan of the actual document, and may contain some minor translating errors. It is an Adobe PDF file, so you need the free Adobe Reader to view the document.

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